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From the Desk of Secretariat
A Call for Your Support

The Encyclopaedia Africana Project (EAP) was established with the  objective of initiating, facilitating and producing peer-reviewed articles from all over Africa and elsewhere on biographies, history, economic systems, architecture, religion medicine and other aspects of indigenous African life.  These articles were to be published into a series of volumes as the:

Encyclopaedia Africana:
Dictionary of African Biography®™

To co-ordinate the above activities, a Secretariat for the EAP was established in Ghana in 1962, under the auspices of the then Ghana Academy of Learning. Presently however, the Secretariat functions under Ghana's Ministry of Education - Tertiary Education Division.  

At the inception of the EAP, an international Standing Committee consisting of a member of each participating African Country, was constituted. The Committee's basic function was to periodically set the agenda of the Secretariat and to identify authors.

The international socio-economic support received by the EAP in its initial years mainly stemmed from the involvement, enthusiasm and dynamism of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana's first President and Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois, who also became the first Director of the Project.

Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois died in 1963, in Ghana, West Africa.  Barely three years later Dr. Nkrumah's presidency was terminated.

By 1967, due mainly to the absence of the two pillars of the EA Project, and other political and economic changes in Africa, the financial base of the Secretariat could not allow the Project to efficiently pursue its set objectives.

The Standing Committee therefore, directed the Secretariat to concentrate on publishing a 20-volume Encyclopaedia Africana: Dictionary of African Biography®™ .  Each volume was to cover a country or a group of countries, depending on the number of biographical articles.  

Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

Non-Financial Contributions

To further help facilitate the work of the Encyclopaedia Africana Project , the following non-financial contributions are also greatly appreciated:

  • office equipment

  • telecommunications equipment

  • computer hardware

  • computer software

  • technical support

  • technical services

  • scholarly assistance

  • staff vehicles

  • etc.

Please contact the following person(s) for more information about financial and non-financial contributions:

Grace Bansa
Acting Director of the Secretariat
Encyclopaedia Africana Project
Raymond Winbush
Advisory Board
Encyclopaedia Africana Project

Financial Contributions

Financial contributions are greatly appreciated to help pay for:

  • EAP operating expenses

  • office supplies

  • technical consultation

  • scholarly articles

  • transportation of the Secretariat throughout Africa

  • publishing costs of books, CD-ROMs, etc.

  • administrative and marketing services

  • etc.

Please make financial contribution(s) payable to:

Encyclopaedia Africana Project
(Account # D111390)

Mail financial contributions to the following address:

Ghana Commercial Bank
International Banking Division Foreign Department
P.O. Box 871
Accra, Ghana

Encyclopaedia Africana Dictionary of African Biography
Encyclopaedia Africana Dictionary of African Biography

Encyclopaedia Africana Project

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