For Brown-Skin Girls

by Sharon Harvey Rosenberg


This is for all the brown-skin girls

drowning in tears from blue-eyed dreams

buried under pillows seeded

with wallflower nightmares

blooming like thorns

around the crown

of nappy hair.


This is for all the brown-skin girls

whipped by fantasies of long blond hair

tossed over a shoulder like the blade of a knife

cutting the stems

of nappy hair flowers

neglected like weeds

in a vacated lot.


This is for all the brown-skin girls

lost between the pages of

glossy magazine covers

where black typeface

is printed on perforated solicitations

tossed away with junk mail.




In these cut-lines for brown-skin girls,

The text is rewritten

and photos are reframed

with portraits of

nappy-hair girls smiling

under boldface type:

Featuring and Including

Brown-skin Cover Girls

On the Table of Contents.



Sharon Harvey Rosenberg

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