HAIR!!!! Quotations I


"This was the first really big step toward self-degradation: when I endured all of that pain, literally burning my flesh to have it look like a white man's hair. I had joined that multitude of Negro men and women in America who are brainwashed into believing that the black people are "inferior" and the white people "superior" - that they will even violate and mutilate their God-created bodies to try to look "pretty" by white standards.

Look around today, in every small town and big city, from two-bit catfish and soda-pop joints into the "integrated" lobby of the Waldorf-Astoria, and you'll see conks on black men. And you'll see black women wearing these green and pink and purple and red and platinum-blonde wigs. 

They're all more ridiculous than a slapstick comedy. It makes you wonder if the Negro has completely lost his sense of identity, lost touch with himself."

-- Malcolm X

"Our culture isn't lost in large volumes, but by the slow trickle of nuance from our everyday lives...

a word here,
a thought there;
in small, but significant ways.

-- Jojo Colquitt, 29March2005

"Locking describes what nappy hair is doing throughout its journey, it is interLOCKING itself... like a lock and key.... sealing your commitment to the journey.

Unlike other races, nappy hair was designed for Dreadlocking. That's what nappy hair likes to do."

-- Ashaki Maat, 03/05

"We as a people, will not be free
until our Black women STOP processing their natural hair."

-- F. Leon

"The only progress we have made is a consumers.

We still don't manufacture anything, we still don't legislate for ourselves.

Our politics is still controlled by white people, our economy is still controlled by white people, therefore we have no real say about our future."

-- Malcolm X, "The End of White World Supremacy - Four Speeches by Malcolm X", Arcade Publishing, 1971, ISBN:1-55970-006-8

"There is nothing dreadful
about dreadlocks,
except to those who despise them."

-- Prema

"I stopped combing my mind,
so that my thoughts could lock . . ."

-- saul stacey williams

"The decline of African hair was the result of the slave owner's denying the slaves time for proper grooming, and ignoring the need for a comb. As slavery was accepted as the way of life, the hope of recapturing the African beauty they once possessed was lost to the Africans and their descendents.

Furthermore, as they listened to and felt the negative reaction of the overseers, they began to lose the appreciation for their African ancestry."

"400 Years Without a Comb: The Untold Story"
by Willie L. Morrow, Chapter: "Curly Hair in Bondage", Page 55


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HAIR!!!! Quotations I