by The Champion of Darkness

The U.S. Constitution,
"Article 33" says I am 3/5 human being,
but that’s because I am 2/5 God.


Amen is the most holy word ever used in prayer. It salutes a Black ancient King, Amenhotep, Pharoah of Egypt, creator of our monotheistic religious beliefs.

My genetic heritage connects me to the original and most ancient Gods of man.

"The face of the Sphinx is my face."

My presence on this planet is essential because I am representative of those original Godly ancestors who started the process of human development and parented all civilizations. Their blood continues to run in my veins and my brain cells contain the genetic memory of their incredible creative and supernatural powers.

They are the original creators of:

  • science
  • astrology
  • mathematics
  • technology
  • architecture
  • the wheel and flying machines
  • reading
  • writing
  • religion
  • law
  • medicine
  • surgery
  • psychology
  • sports
  • dance
  • music
  • art
  • languages
  • cross breeding
  • selective breeding
  • genetic engineering of other humans in their image.
  • They also created new breeds of animals and plants.

The only reason I am 3/5 human
is because I am 2/5 God.

I represent the original man.
All other humans came from me.
I am an essential part of nature.

The rays of the sun do not make me ill.

My hair is the most original among all living organisms and grows like the spiral movement of the heavenly bodies and other natural forces.

It represents the spinning of our planet, the curling of ocean waves, the spiral movement of sea shells, the spiral movement of climbing vines, and everybody knows the tornado moves like my hair grows.

Samson’s strength was not in the length, but in its originality. An unscrupulous someone rearranged this information in an effort to confuse me.

Samson grew weak because someone tampered with his hair.  His hair was his strength.

My hair is my strength.

My hair is knotty.
I cut it not,
I straighten it not,
I color it not,
I chemicalize it not.

Look upon all other creatures with hair
and see how I stand out amongst them.

My broad nose,
large lips,
black skin
original hair
are the essence of my being.

These are just a few of the heavenly things
which makes me 3/5 human, 2/5 God.

And a God does not tamper with its essence.

Victor A. Brady, The Champion of Darkness
Copyright 1985 Victor A. Brady
All Rights Reserved Locally and Internationally

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The Black Madonna
I find, in being Black,
a thing of "Beauty";
like a joy; a strength;
a secret cup of gladness ...
a native land in neither time nor place ...
a native land in every Black face!

Be loyal to yourselves;
your skin;
your hair;
your lips;
your speech;
your laughing kinds
are Black kingdoms,
vast as any other.

-- Ossie Davis

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