Setting Me Free

All praise to you for setting me free
For giving me, me

For Mikey
My loving family
Supplying me with herb,
plant and water to nourish me
For educating me
Loving me unconditionally

For my eyes to see
My ears to hear
the words of the Almighty
The sand and sea

For my working hands and feet
My mind being complete
My nappy hair
that branches like a tree
Allowing me
to be humble, righteous,
pure, natural and clean

Knowing I must love Me
before I can love He
For being all I can be

Black, Red, Gold and Green
are no longer just colors
to me

I praise you for awakening me
Etosha, Sistren, Queen or Empress
is how you shall refer to me

Not being conceited,
just show love for me
All Praise to you for
setting me free


One love, Eternally,
Etosha Harvey

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The Black Madonna
I find, in being Black,
a thing of "Beauty";
like a joy; a strength;
a secret cup of gladness ...
a native land in neither time nor place ...
a native land in every Black face!

Be loyal to yourselves;
your skin;
your hair;
your lips;
your speech;
your laughing kinds
are Black kingdoms,
vast as any other.

-- Ossie Davis

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