Ethiopian Guardian Angel, Copyright 2005 Aisha Patrice, Hawaii
Ethiopian Guardian Angel, Copyright 2005 Aisha Patrice, Hawaii

Ya Strugglin'

Are you proud man, of who you are?
Or does your pride come out of a jar

Cause if you bought it,
put it on, or sprayed it on
I tell you right now, it won't stay long

Cause if it ain't natural, it ain't kosher
It's like buyin and wearin a culture

If that culture ain't yours naturally
it's his, not yours, actually

You better wake up and smell the coffee
Look in the mirror and think Mr. Softie

People change, when they are ashamed
of how they look or from which they came

Are you ashamed, of original black?
If you're not, why does your hair look like that?

Why is your nose straighter, from surgery?
I think you're really in a state of emergency

You're not sane to the African aim
so you're insane,

and you need to obtain ANY
average rap album sculpture
and study it,
JUST, to learn your culture

Even though, you don't think it's music
It's the blackest you'll EVER get, so use it

The blue-eyed Black man, to me, is buggin
Take a look at yourself man,


It's not a "perm"...
it's a "


** "Ya Strugglin" by KRS-One, 1988 **

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The Black Madonna
I find, in being Black,
a thing of "Beauty";
like a joy; a strength;
a secret cup of gladness ...
a native land in neither time nor place ...
a native land in every Black face!

Be loyal to yourselves;
your skin;
your hair;
your lips;
your speech;
your laughing kinds
are Black kingdoms,
vast as any other.

-- Ossie Davis

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